Time To Drop Weapons.

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Time To Drop Weapons.

Post  -=[eXp]=-FaTaLiTy on Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:07 am

Hey guys , i think our cowboys adventure will end in a short time...
Our legendary players -=[eXp]=-Vintage and -=[eXp]=-Miti left clan and i can't continue without them , we still have half of team but if we are not all here , i can't continue , we created this clan together.
Thanks for all guys , was very nice to play together like a team and i hope we will be friends 4 ever.
I will always use clan tag in game and stay in community.
After our league www.coj-league.jimdo.com i will drop my weapons and retire from my adventure.
Call of Juarez for ever!

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