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ESL. Read this

Post  MisieQ on Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:52 am

Copy from Facebook

Hello CoJ Community !! Very Happy How are you today ?
Look CoJ is in ESL .. Great hm ?
yes that is great because ESL is really big company and Walker did all what he could to see CoJ in ESL..
But cmone everyone is happy but you are lazy.. lazy to play something oO

5on5 Ladder
16 clans - i think that we have much more in our community..
5 clans inactive
Most Talented Players - CoJ - stats : 5-1-0 we will play something soon because we was thinking aboud cups etc.
SPARTA - 4-1-0
French - Flair - 1-0-0
French Flair International - 0-0-1
The Legendary Teabaggers - 0-0-0

Other clans i see your stats didn't change yet..
HunTer - 0-0-0

CMONE LETS PWN THAT ESL ! SHOW THEM WHAT WE CAN DO ... CoJ Community isn't small -.- but is lazy

1on1 Ladder
71 players in !
10 inactive with stats 0-0-0
6 inactive with other stats.
I know that there are many cups in 1on1 but if somebody will loose he won't play in this cup anymore and you are waiting for other cup.. then u can play 1on1 Ladder.

2on2 Premiership
Cmone 32 teams on and only Group H have some matches played.

this cup is really great beacouse we can win something o.O

Groups A-G what is going on ?

Cmone people don't sign up when you won't play.. I think there are players who want play that cup but they didn't sign up. ( reason - time etc.. )

You all wanted CoJ in ESL and you have it. So why are you going to delete CoJ from ESL ? THINK ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING ! I KNOW THAT YOU CAN.

Sorry for my bad english.

Best Regards,


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